Asphalt shingle roof replacement in Laval

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Asphalt shingle roofing is a popular roofing in Canada, despite the emergence of new trendy materials. Its durability, quality and design make it an ever popular option. This type of covering has several advantages, including comfort. Here is a guide to learn more about its features and setup.

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Description of the asphalt shingle

Asphalt shingles are made up of three different layers, each playing a specific role. They are linked by an adhesive line and a nailing strip.

The asphalt layer

The asphalt layer determines the weight of the material. The thicker it is, the heavier the structure. Its role is to create the watertightness of the structure.

The layer of granules

The granule layer is a surface layer, which is the source of the color of the shingle. It is mainly composed of basalt and rhyolite, making it strong and sturdy. Its resistance to the sun’s UV rays makes it suitable for buildings subject to the capricious climate of Quebec. Depending on the season, the granules can also preserve freshness.

Note that there are granules containing products against molds.

The reinforcement layer

The reinforcement layer is the component that makes it possible to combine all the elements of the asphalt shingle. It defines the quality of the shingle, but also of its design.

It is imperative to keep it stable, regardless of temperature differences. Also, the reinforcing layer must be very resistant.

The nailing tape and the adhesive tape

Avoid broaching asphalt shingles. Instead, nail them into the nailing strip to avoid the formation of cracks. The craftsman will be careful not to drive the heads of the nails into the surface.

In addition, the shingle has an adhesive strip, activated by heat, which is essential for assembling the shingles.

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Which shingles to install in Laval?

The asphalt shingles used for the roofs of buildings in Laval come in two varieties, namely the fiberglass model and the organic (or traditional) model. The second being the most widespread in Quebec thanks to its characteristics.

The fiberglass asphalt shingle

This type of shingle is essentially made of fiberglass. Its manufacturing process does not involve a hot asphalt bath, making its asphalt content low. This peculiarity makes its price affordable, compared to its organic counterpart.

Fiberglass is characterized by its greater heat resistance. The downside is its sensitivity to bad weather. Its installation is tricky in winter, especially when the temperature is below 5 ° C.

Organic fiber asphalt shingle

Organic shingles are the more popular of the two. It has a cellulose reinforcement soaked in heated asphalt under pressure. This model is more flexible, unlike its fiberglass counterpart. Its installation remains practical, regardless of the season.

Organic shingles are heavier, which is essential for weathering and storming. Its design allows it to be little impacted by various defects, including cracks.

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The different ranges available

You have the choice between top quality asphalt shingles, categorized in class A or B. They are characterized by their large thickness, making their performance optimal.

In second place is class C or D. Asphalt shingles in this category are thinner and more affordable. However, they are less durable and require a bit more maintenance.

The advantages of redoing your roof with asphalt shingles

A growing number of owners of residential and industrial buildings are investing in this material. They use it as a structure to redo a roof, for renovation work or after snow removal from the roof.

Its durability

Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Do not hesitate to opt for thick blankets of class A or B, characterized by their longer life. These structures guarantee you peace of mind for years to come.

Its accessibility

Asphalt shingles are available from many dealers and roofers. It then becomes easy to obtain it. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and gradients to choose from, meeting different aesthetic needs. Be careful, this complexity influences the price of the material.

Its simple installation

Asphalt shingle installation jobs are quick, easy and above all, safe. Roofers have great mastery of the material given its age in the building covering environment. Moreover, it is always a good idea to let professionals take charge of the mission, so that it is carried out within the standards.

His resistance

This type of coating remains effective for many years, despite bad weather and temperature variations. It has the necessary assets to guarantee its durability, in particular its resistance against UV rays. It may also have been treated against mold.

Constraints related to the installation or repair of an asphalt shingle roof in Laval

Asphalt shingles have an attractive longevity, but you have to budget for it (class A or B). Class C and Class D are less attractive, given their lower performance. Their granules are more likely to come off, because of the wind.

The manufacture of asphalt shingles is not environmentally friendly, involving a high energy consumption during the operation. The black color model exposes rural areas to an increase in temperature due to its petroleum-based formula.

The progress of an asphalt shingle roof repair in Montreal

There are quite a number of problems that can arise with this roof, including missing or damaged shingles. Wear is also a possible cause. Always prefer to use the services of an expert, especially professionals from Toiture Couvreur Laval.

This technician will go up to the roof for an inspection to assess the extent of the damage. This allows you to know the solutions to consider, including changing a few shingles, or completely redoing the structure.

The goal is to find the best option to guarantee the durability of the roof of your residential, institutional or commercial building.

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Daniel Bryan
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Veronica Sullivan
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Sammy Walker
The reason we called your company was because we desired a makeover of our house and our roof. We also wanted to improve the insulation in our house. Your company suggested installing a glass wool mat and a HPV underlay system, a system that was installed in addition to the structure that was already there. Two years have passed since then and the insulation works greatly keeping our house warmer and cooler. If you want to make a long-term investment or you simply face issues with your roof, do not hesitate to contact them.
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Paulette Rhoades
We couldn’t be happier with the work performed in our roof last June. The interior and exterior of the roof along with the finishing touches are perfect and very qualitative. Also, the insulation installed gives to our house a sense of warmth and comfort that we did not have before. Overall, we are very grateful for everything this roofing company did on our roof and for its polite, experienced and professional crew. We will recommend it to anyone we know.
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Audrey Mignone
A roof in any house is, besides a functional part of the house, also part of this design and charm. This is why, when planning to renovate our house, we decided to use the service of this specific company for the renovation of the roof. Everything done by this company is highly appreciated and the end-result is of the utmost aesthetic, qualitative and practical aspect. Also, the placement of special insulation to the roof is hugely appreciated since we believe that it will help tremendously in the next winter with keeping the house warmer and reducing heating costs.
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Carlos Pixley
I received a quote from this specific company regarding a replacement on a roof. This concerned a property in the suburbs that I wanted to rent. The company completed a precise investigation and estimate within the next 2 business days. Every part of the team worked very professionally and helpfully throughout the entire process. The team manager offered me many solutions and advice and I chose the one that best fitted my budget and my needs. The result from then on is exquisite and of the utmost quality.
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Reva Nash
We recently bought a new house and we couldn’t be more happy and anxious to start enjoying it. But we had an issue: the roofing was outdated and needed to be renovated in its entirety. This specific company came highly recommended and this was the reason behind choosing it to assist us with replacing and fixing our roofing. Not only did they assist us but they offered to place a specific insulation system allowing us to spend 50% less in our yearly electricity and heating bills. Definitely a must!
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Robert Hutchings
I am a man of the same profession (a bricklayer) and trust me when I say that I have never seen such a professional and hard-working roofing company. The reason I hired them was to apply a waterproofing insulation in my terrace. The end-result is very well and after severe and heavy rains, not a single issue occurred. The tightness is excellent and everything works and fits perfectly. I will definitely count on this company again in the future if I ever need any work done on my roof.
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Janna Manley
Great professionals. Ratio quality-price that no one else can beat. We completely recommend them and we are so happy that our terrace roof got fixed. In addition to that, they provided waterproofing and flooring services in our attic. They employed a 10 people team in our house, everyone a serious and professional individual. The result is of the utmost quality and very clean. Work started when agreed upon and finished the same. The finishing touches are great and we are very happy. If we ever need any other repairs, we will definitely use them again without hesitation.
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Jonathan Sessions
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