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The roof of a commercial building is as exposed to various damages as that of a residential or institutional building. Harsh weather conditions, wear and tear or even improper installation can be the causes. Refurbishment remains one of the best options for restoring coverage to good condition. Are you looking for a service provider capable of carrying out this mission? Choose our services. At Toiture Couvreur Laval, we can take care of the work and choose the materials suitable for a commercial structure.

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Which roof to choose for a commercial building?

The choice of a roof depends on the type of building for which it is intended. Choosing the right coverage for a commercial building allows you to benefit from the best performance.

Shingle roof

An asphalt shingle roof is a suitable alternative to cover a commercial building thanks to its structure composed of:

  • A layer of asphalt: it defines the weight of the roof and reinforces its waterproofness;
  • A layer of granules: these surface particles protect the structure from ultraviolet rays;
  • A reinforcing layer: this is an indicator of the quality of the shingle and ensures the assembly of all the layers;
  • Nailing and adhesive strips: they are used to hold all the shingles together.

Elastomeric membrane roof

This type of roofing consists of two main layers, namely the base and the finish. The latter defines the rendering of the cover, in particular its appearance and its color. It also makes it possible to differentiate between roofs made from the same material in the store.

The elastomeric membrane remains an interesting option in terms of roof covering thanks to its resistance. The roof is also more durable, which outweighs its fairly steep price. Also, it is easy to maintain.

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Sheet metal roof

A sheet metal roof, also called a corrugated roof, is a metallic structure made of steel or zinc. It usually has a wavy appearance, but it can be found in other forms. It is particularly suitable for commercial buildings thanks to its characteristic appearance.

The corrugated roof is compatible with rounded and sloped roofs. It is waterproof and has significant resistance to strong winds. It is strong enough to support several people during maintenance or inspection work. The product is offered at an affordable price.

Flat roof

A flat roof is an attractive choice for covering a commercial building thanks to its modern appearance, particularly suitable in urban areas. It is important to know that the structure is not entirely flat. There is a slope between 1 to 5%, essential to ensure the evacuation of rainwater.

This type of roof makes it possible to create an accessible space or not, namely a terrace or a reception area for fireplaces or air conditioning. The roof gives you favorable thermal conditions, regardless of the season, provided you have a good insulation system installed. This is important to ensure comfort in the premises.

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How is the repair of a commercial roof carried out?

At Toiture Couvreur Laval, we proceed in different ways depending on the mission, but we go through almost the same steps to carry out commercial roofing repairs.


We always inspect a roof before doing any repair work to examine the condition of the structure. We then establish strategies to work while ensuring the safety of our team and all those present on the premises.

Two inspection solutions exist, in particular direct or indirect control. Our roofers go up to the roof to check the condition of the structure in order to detect anomalies. It is also possible to use specific devices to define the condition of the premises in order to obtain as much clarity as possible.

The actual work

After the inspections, the repair work begins. The list of tasks to be performed depends on the damage observed. The roofer chooses the necessary materials and conforms to the result of his diagnosis.

Each intervention being unique, the missions of this professional consist, among others, of:

  • Install, replace or repair damaged tiles / shingles, scaffolding for worker safety and flat or sloped roofs;
  • Repair a large or small damaged part;
  • Perform caulking or waterproofing of elements;
  • Install an attic insulation and ventilation system.

The services of a tinsmith

The intervention of a tinsmith may be necessary depending on the nature of the work. The skills of this sheet metal specialist are useful in the design of devices for redoing a commercial roof. These elements can be ventilation devices, gutters or even exterior coverings.

Our team at Toiture Couvreur Laval includes experienced tinsmiths who put their talents and know-how at your service.

Why is it recommended to redo your commercial roof?

A damaged commercial roof can cause a lot of damage to the house, including infiltration responsible for mold. These are bad for health and affect the comfort of tenants.

In addition, air conditioning units can no longer meet your needs when the roof is damaged. For example, it becomes difficult to cool rooms in summer and heat them in winter, regardless of the setting. The attic ventilation system is less efficient when roofing problems exist. In the end, you avoid several problems by deciding to redo a damaged commercial roof.

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Commercial blankets aren’t our only specialties. We work on several other types of roofs, in particular those of residential, institutional or industrial buildings. Also, our services include roof snow removal, inspections, repairs and maintenance, not to mention emergency interventions.

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