How to redo your roof

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Is the roof of your building showing signs of wear? Or was the last interview a long time ago? Does it continue to deteriorate despite occasional small repairs? The time to replace it may have come to put an end to the sealing problems and the spread of mold in the house. A simple renovation becomes insufficient at this stage. Entrust the repair work project to our professional craftsmen.

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Why redo your roof?

There are several signs that a roof is in a faulty condition, hence the need for it to be redone. This operation is essential to avoid having to repair it every year, and to limit expenses.

The presence of debris in the gutters

Climatic conditions in Canada are bad for gutters, causing debris to accumulate at the bottom of them. These gradually deteriorate due to the high heat and frost. Regular inspection at this level allows you to avoid more or less serious damage.

The age of the blanket

A blanket is characterized by its coating which defines itself by its level of resistance and durability. The structures offered on the market have a lifespan ranging from ten to twenty years. Be careful, redoing your roof is imperative once the maximum deadline has passed, regardless of the desire to continue the maintenance.

The formation of spots of brown color on the ceiling

The brownish stains on the ceiling indicate that maintenance is no longer possible. Roof replacement is required. This color – accompanied by humidity – indicates liquid infiltration under the roof. Water has managed to pass through the protective membrane, making replacement imperative.

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Deformation of the roof

Drafts, snow or high heat can distort the appearance of a roof, causing it to bend or sag. This then detaches from its support, which creates an empty space favorable to water infiltration. Taking the necessary measures as soon as possible is essential to limit mold. However, avoid attempting to access the roof, this maneuver can be dangerous: instead contact a professional such as Toiture Couvreur Laval for this.

Types of roofs that may be the subject of replacement work

The choice of roofing depends on many criteria, namely its resistance, its durability or the level of maintenance required.

Slate roof

Slate can be of natural or artificial origin. Quebecers have a particular preference for the former with its elegant design. This roof has a lifespan of 75 to 150 years. It is both waterproof and non-flammable. Although heavy, this type of roof remains fragile and requires regular maintenance.

Flat roof

This blanket is frequently found in urban areas. It can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, and concrete. In all cases, the device must be perfectly waterproof to guarantee its resistance and longevity.

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Shingle roof

The roofing is available in a wide range of colors and styles, essential for personalizing a building. It adapts equally well to a commercial, industrial or residential building. It has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years if the roof is light, 30 years if it is heavy. Make sure that the structure is well protected from the UV rays of the sun given its sensitivity.

Elastomer roofing

This is the model most recommended by roofers thanks to its high resistance to bad weather. Namely, it is impossible to recycle elastomers. Convenient, it is suitable for replacement work, regardless of the time of year.

Green roof

This structure enhances the look of a residential building. It allows for a relaxation area on the roof, while enjoying a view of the surroundings. Ecological and resistant, it accompanies you for about thirty years, provided you maintain it regularly.

Sheet metal roof

It presents an interesting report / quality and an incomparable robustness. You can choose between a folded or corrugated model. This type of roof requires simple, but regular maintenance to preserve its appearance. In all cases, it is appreciated for its high resistance to snow, especially compared to a shingle roof.

Which coating for a roof?

The coating is the material constituting the roof. It enters the list of important selection criteria, before setting up or repairing a structure.

Gravel, TPO or EPDM

These materials are used in the design of flat roofs. Gravel is characterized by its resistance to UV rays, despite the presence of cracks over the years. TPO, on the other hand, is strong, lightweight and does not form mold.

The elastomer

Elastomer is an alternative to gravel. It is composed of a double membrane of modified bitumen. Roofers often use it as a covering on a flat roof due to its strength and longevity. Its maintenance is light. Its disadvantage lies in its less ecological composition compared to TPO.

Asphalt or wood

It is important to know that shingle roofs are made of either wood or asphalt. Both are also proven to be moisture resistant. However, wood is more dangerous in fire situations.

Copper, aluminum or metal

These are the materials from which sheet metal roofs are made. Regular maintenance is essential to fight against rust. These coatings are recyclable and waterproof. Their lightness makes replacement work easier.

Natural materials

Natural materials are made up of plants, in particular shrubs and flowers. They enter into the composition of green roofs. They display interesting insulating qualities, but they require a lot of maintenance.

Redoing your roof: the fundamental steps

First of all, it should be remembered that steps must be taken upstream of the roof replacement work. Indispensable, they contribute to the success of the project for a sustainable installation, according to the standards and secure.

Inspection: to establish a work plan

Inspection is an assessment of the condition of the roof, essential for taking the necessary precautions. At Toiture Couvreur Laval, it is carried out by a technician who diagnoses the interior and exterior of the building. Even if it is only a snow removal from the roof, this step is essential.

Site preparation: for safe work

Here are the options tenants should expect before and during the renovations:

  • The layout of the yard: Properly arranging the yard makes it easy to recover old shingles or nails, while the old roofing is being torn off;
  • Temporary changes in the house: Strong vibrations are felt during the removal of the old covering and the installation of nails. Small damage may occur;
  • Warning of children and pets: be sure to protect children and keep animals away from the site.

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Roofing service on the north shore


The repair of the roof

This operation is delicate and dangerous for a novice. Prefer to hire a professional to get on the roof and carry out the work properly.

Here is how a roof repair generally works:

  • Removal: this operation, which consists of removing the cover, involves placing a tarpaulin on the site to guarantee the watertightness of the structure (especially in the event of rain or snow);
  • The installation of sealing devices: it is used to optimize the sealing of the structure and to preserve the technical characteristics of the insulation (sealing);
  • The installation of the roof: this involves placing support fixings and roofing devices before laying the actual covering.

The cost of a roof repair project

The price of a service varies depending on the type of roof and the cost of labor. Toiture Couvreur Laval offers you a quote after an inspection. Contact us to get yours to get an estimate of the expenses that await you.

For a slate roof

The service to redo a slate roof is high. Allow between $ 22.5 to $ 40 for a square foot of roof. A budget of between $ 25,000 to $ 40,000 is, for example, necessary to cover a two-storey building.

For a shingle roof

Redoing a shingle roof is more affordable, compared to a slate model. A square foot costs between $ 3 to $ 5, depending on the design. An average budget of between 5,000 and 7,000 will have to be allocated for repair work on a two-storey building.

For an elastomeric roof

The most affordable square foot of an elastomeric frame is about $ 8.50, which can go up to about $ 14. The cost of a service to re-roof a building exceeding 1,500 square feet is estimated to be approximately $ 20,000.

For a sheet metal and flat roof

The cost of a square foot of this type of roof is estimated to be between $ 12.5 to $ 15. It is its installation that increases the bill because of the delicate work. It costs about $ 30,000 to cover a two-storey building.

For a green roof

A green roof, like a slate model, is expensive. Count between $ 15 to $ 25 per square foot, for a simple design. Allow up to $ 40 for more original and aesthetic materials. The cost of the installation work depends on the drainage system or on the retention of rain by the plants.

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