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Would you like to replace, renovate or even maintain the roof of your building? At Toiture Couvreur Laval, we carry out your roofing projects. The operations are taken care of by our skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our work is aimed at reinforcing the roofs for better resistance to bad weather, responsible for humidity and mold. Contact us if you live in Laval or the surrounding area.

Our fields of intervention

We take care of the roofing of any type of construction, whether it is a commercial, residential or institutional building. Our know-how allows us to prepare well for the mission, in terms of achievements and tools. For this, an inspection before the works is required.

Inspection is important in developing a work plan and site preparation. We decide on the equipment necessary for the construction, of which we have a complete set of accessories. The diagnosis is used to assess the need for repair, replacement or simple maintenance.

Types of roofs treated

Our technicians adapt to many types of roofs, including:

  • An asphalt shingle roof: it is weather resistant and requires only occasional maintenance.
  • An elastomeric membrane roof: it is resistant to heat and UV rays. It is easy to maintain and repair, but its installation requires a lot of care.
  • A metal roof: it is robust and is compatible with many styles of buildings, but unfortunately it lacks sound insulation.
  • A slate roof: it is the most resistant and the most durable with its 100 years of performance, but it is expensive.
  • A flat roof: it is robust and waterproof, but its installation is delicate.
  • A green roof: it is undoubtedly the most expensive, but offers a unique design to the building and displays unparalleled acoustic capacity.

The advantages of choosing our services

Our experience and know-how are some of our greatest assets. Our services are affordable, but above all of superior quality. We always proceed in accordance with the regulations for an implementation in the standards and without risk.

Our roofers have complete equipment for a successful and safe repair. It is also important to know that tenants, artisans and even labor are covered by an insurance policy.

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Our services

Changing the roof is a delicate operation, requiring professional intervention. Careful work is required to keep the appearance of the building.
Repair is necessary when only a few items need to be changed. The roofer intervenes to strengthen the performance of the roof, which has been weakened by wear and tear and weather conditions.
An inspection is a diagnosis making it possible to determine the failures of a roof. The operation consists of identifying the damage, finding the appropriate solutions and establishing an estimate.
Snow and ice removal is required when the ice cover on the roof exceeds 28 cm. They save the roof from breakage, cracks and other damage.
Hiring a tinsmith is necessary for some roofing work, especially when installing gutters. We have a few technicians of this category in our team, for targeted interventions.
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