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We are a team made up of roofers and tinsmiths with real know-how in the trade and with solid experience. We work on various roofing cases, from inspection, construction and up to maintenance. Entrust us with the examination, repair or maintenance of your roof, regardless of its condition. At Toiture Couvreur Laval, qualified and dynamic craftsmen are available to take care of various work on this type of structure.
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Inspection Montreal: what does the operation involve?

Description of the offer

Roof inspections take place mainly during one season, outside of winter. Indeed, the snow may disrupt the operation by hampering the technician or by hiding certain elements. The process involves checking the condition of the roof and building for signs that confirm the presence of problems.

A roof in poor condition is often the source of various unwanted elements, including mold, moss and fungi. They can be caused by rainwater entering the house. Not only do they give off an unpleasant odor, but they are also harmful to health. Overcoming it becomes imperative, to avoid headaches or respiratory problems.

In this case, a repair of the cover is necessary. Contact a professional to identify the source of roofing problems, such as cracks, breakage or wear. A good technician has the right know-how, but also the tools necessary for inspection.

As for the price of the offer, it depends on several parameters, in particular the possible solutions to reach the roof or the equipment used. At Toiture Couvreur Laval, we guarantee fair prices.

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Conduct of the inspection

It is a good idea to perform a roof inspection session in good conditions. This is so that the technician can comfortably access every corner. Pick a day without rain or snow.

The roofer will inquire about your roof before starting the inspection. He will ask you questions about the frequency of maintenance, the age and the problems already encountered at this level. Also, it is possible that it seeks to know the anomalies in the building, in particular the presence of undesirable.

The next step is to access the roof using a conventional ladder or to view its condition using a drone. Note that you can accompany the craftsman to the roof, but you do so at your own risk.

It is best to avoid this alternative which may create an accident. In fact, photos of the inspection can be shown to you at the end of the operation.

Items subject to inspection

The external part of the building

The first instinct of the craftsman in charge of the inspection will be to examine the roof. It performs a general diagnosis to detect abnormalities, including cracking, swelling, or any change in shape. Some tiles may indeed have moved due to bad weather.

Quickly solving these problems is essential, because they serve as a passage for infiltrated water.

It is the same for the gutters. A control is needed to assess their performance in evacuating rainwater, to prevent water infiltration. To do this, they must be free from obstruction caused by dead leaves or particles.

Checking the building’s ventilation system is also part of the technician’s duties. It defines the need for maintenance.

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The internal part of the building

An inspection according to the standards involves examining the exterior, but also the interior of the building. Indeed, certain internal elements can also be at the origin of the poor performance of a roof, in particular the pillars. A control at this level makes it possible to define their level of resistance and their overall state.

The elements supporting the roof also require examination. Weeds and insects are harmful. They weaken wooden materials by attacking them. This circumstance is likely to modify the shape of the roofs, making them less efficient.

Avoid skipping the internal inspection at all costs. Of course, failures at this level can increase construction costs, but doing so will give you peace of mind.

Types of roofs inspected

Toiture Couvreur Laval inspects and treats many types of roofs with complete equipment, namely:

  • A shingle roof: it is sensitive to sunlight, hence the need to protect it to avoid cracks. It is moisture resistant and low maintenance.
  • A flat roof: it can be concrete, metal or wood. It requires technology that optimizes its tightness, to avoid infiltrated water.
  • A metal roof: corrugated or folded, it supports snow and damage caused by ice. Its drawback is its poor resistance to salt air and electrolysis.
  • An elastomeric membrane roof: handling this type of roof exposes the risk of fire, hence the need for professional intervention. Nevertheless, it is resistant to bad weather.
  • A slate roof: it is waterproof and elegant. Its design adapts to several styles of buildings. However, it is fragile and susceptible to cracks.
  • A green roof: it is suitable for gardens, and terraces. It is aesthetic and resistant, but its cost is high.

The services of Toiture Couvreur Laval

Proven know-how

Toiture Couvreur Montreal works only with professional and experienced craftsmen. Our expertise is the result of hard work on many roofing cases. Entrust us with the inspection, installation, renovation and maintenance of your roof to find satisfaction in the achievements.

Our dynamic and qualified team supports you from A to Z in roofing work. She is at your disposal for advice, and to put an end to your doubts with effective solutions. We have tools according to the standards to adapt to the constraints of your building.

Contact us to help you repair your roof, regardless of the nature of the building, namely:

  • A commercial building;
  • A residential house;
  • An institutional or industrial establishment.

Our areas of intervention

We come to your home, in Laval and the surrounding area. We equip ourselves with the tools essential for the work, for a repair or maintenance respecting the standards.

Do not hesitate to let us know your location if you are unsure about this. We will study the feasibility of the trip before presenting our offers to you.

How to perform a fearless and secure inspection?

Carrying out your own roof inspection without being a professional is possible. The main thing is to prepare properly, but above all to have courage. It is important not to have vertigo, a disorder that increases the risk of falling. A flat roof is easier to access and inspect, unlike a sloping one, if you are new to this mission.

After the psychological preparation comes the choice of the appropriate outfit for a safe and successful inspection. It is recommended to wear shoes equipped with anti-slip technology to prevent slipping. Lightweight, simple clothing provides more freedom of movement. Also, there is no risk of them getting caught on objects.

The next step is to tackle the actual roof examination. Access the blanket with a stable ladder for your safety. Using a drone to do the job for you is a good idea. However, get help from an assistant.

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Why contact a professional to examine the roof?

A roof in good condition is a guarantee of comfort for tenants. This structure protects you from the humidity caused by freezing during the cold seasons and from the high heat in the summer. An inspection by a technician is necessary to confirm the level of performance of the roof.

The professional is able to decide on the precautions to be taken to prolong the durability of the cover. It also defines the need for snow removal from the roof. He is a person qualified to detect anomalies at this level, in order to quickly propose solutions.

The smaller the roofing problem, the lower the costs allocated to the repair. Avoid heavy repair costs by inspecting your roof regularly. Despite its normal appearance, it is possible for it to cover up small irregularities that require intervention.

Emergency service and free quote

Our 24/7 emergency service is for people with work problems requiring intervention as soon as possible. It could be a collapsed roof or sudden large infiltrations. Call us and our team will come to your rescue to do whatever is necessary. Limit the damage as quickly as possible, to mitigate repairs.

A free submission service is available to everyone. We recommend it if you are in less of a hurry. This is an online form to fill out to send us your questions, or to obtain further information. We study them and get back to you within 24 hours. Let us help you, contact us!


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