Slate Roof Installation in Laval

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Slate roofing is a traditional roofing that had great success in France, before becoming popular in Quebec. Belonging to the category of shale, slate is a coating characterized by its dark gray color with a shade of blue reflections. It brings elegance and added value to a residential building. Overview.

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What is a slate?

A slate is a roof covering that comes in two varieties, namely:

  • Natural slate: it is a metamorphic rock from quarries. It has undergone a transformation under the action of temperature and pressure, causing crystals to appear;
  • Synthetic slate: it is the result of a mixture of organic fibers, cement, minerals and water. It has similar insulating and sturdy qualities as its natural counterpart, but is less durable.

Two slates can be distinguished from each other by their thickness, size, color and the shape of their plates. They can be rectangular, diamond or square and they are available in several sizes, ranging from 10 x 10 cm to 120 x 60 cm (Length x width).

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What work can be done with a slate roof?

The installation

To begin with, it is important to know that the installation of this type of covering is impossible on a flat or rounded roof.

The installation of this roof follows the hook method, if the installation is carried out on battens. This technique allows the structure to remain stable, despite strong winds.

The craftsman will choose a frame strong enough to support the weight of the structure.

The interview

Maintenance is not essential during the first 20 or 30 years of the structure. At the end of this period, the job of the craftsman is to clean the blanket with a brush and hot water.

At Toiture Couvreur Laval, we carefully choose our maintenance products for a durable and well-cleaned roof. We make sure that it is impossible for fungi and moss to proliferate at this level.


Repair or replacement is necessary when simple maintenance is insufficient. The work consists of changing strips of flashing or completing missing / damaged slates.

Entrust us with this mission given its delicacy. It is imperative to prevent water infiltration by protecting yourself. A slate roof is not designed to support a man’s weight, so stepping on it should be avoided.

Why is slate roofing popular in Laval?

This structure has the advantage of being strong enough to adapt to Laval’s climate. Its insulation and waterproof performance can last up to 100 years. In addition, it is resistant to fire and high heat.

Note, however, that it is the high price of slate roofs that makes some owners of commercial, institutional or industrial buildings doubtful.

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Is it necessary to contact experts to carry out the work?

Entrusting work projects to professional craftsmen allows you to benefit from a complete service, from inspection to finishing without forgetting maintenance work. Our workers are qualified for these missions and they have the necessary tools for a realization in the standards.

In addition to the repair work, we also take into account the condition of the frame. Our comprehensive services allow us to intervene for you for the repair of various types of roofing, including shingle roofs.

Free quote and installation price

The price of installing / repairing a slate roof depends on the origin of the stone, the surface worked and the slope of the roof. Submit these details to us from the “Free Submission” form in the dedicated section of our website.

We study your request and we present our estimate to you, in less than 24 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us for other work, including roof maintenance or snow removal.

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