Snow and Ice Removal for Roofs in Laval

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Snow and roof de-icing are essential operations during periods of snow and warmth. The amount of snow accumulated on the roof is particularly important there, and this hinders the proper functioning of the drainage. In particular, this exposes the roof to collapse and can cause severe damage to the entire building. Toiture Couvreur Laval avoids these problems by deploying its professional craftsmen to carry out a successful de-icing of your structure.

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How is snow removal from the roof in Laval?

Inspection: an essential step in any intervention on a roof

Only a proper inspection can determine the need to perform snow or roof de-icing or not. The snow must exceed a certain thickness to be considered a danger for the building. Of course, it is possible to carry out this operation yourself, but it is still a good idea to call in an expert.

In fact, there are certain risks given that the inspection is carried out at height. So entrust this step to professional and equipped roofers, like those of our team. Note that this operation must be carried out regularly during winter periods to avoid excessive accumulation or accumulation of snow.

Determination of a security perimeter

Snow falls directly to the ground during a roof snow removal procedure. It is therefore crucial to delimit an area for dumping ice, called the safety perimeter.

So organize yourself so that no one enters this area to avoid accidents. A common trick is to extend a rope around the building, to protect passers-by if the building is located near a street.

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The organization: the heart of the process

Thanks to our expertise, we can determine the right time for snow removal from the roof. A certain climatic condition is essential to comfortably carry out the work. It is also necessary to study the height, the inclination as well as the materials of the flat or sloping roof.

There are two methods available to roofers, including:

  • Snow removal from the ground: the craftsman uses a telescopic rake to free the roof from ice, or a basket if the structure is higher;
  • Snow removal at roof level: the roofer attaches to a chimney or another anchor point using a safety harness fitted with a cord to prevent a fall.

When to remove snow from the roof?

There are various signs that can indicate roof sagging. We advise you to act as soon as possible if the residential, commercial or industrial building shows the following changes:

  • Water stains on the ceiling: the ice pushes the roof down and the humidity has reached the ceiling;
  • A deformation of the ceiling: the pressure exerted by the ice changes the appearance of the ceiling;
  • Unusual creaks: the excessive accumulation of snow destabilizes the structure and this situation results in noises;
  • Cracks in the wall: the heavy weight of the ice on the structure damages the walls;
  • An unusual smell in the house: water infiltration is the reason;
  • Poor performance of the front door: the device has difficulty opening and closing properly due to pressure.
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Why do you have to remove snow and ice from a roof?

No building is immune to ice buildup in the roof, whether it is an elastomeric structure or a shingled roof. A common mistake is to think that the accumulated ice will melt and flow quietly through the drainage system.

Of course, this process is still possible, but snow removal is sometimes necessary. When the weight of the accumulated snow exceeds a certain tolerated level, it can cause water infiltration and cracks. Avoid getting to this point by having the building inspected quickly and preventing worst-case scenarios, including roof collapse.

Toiture Couvreur Laval, a company specializing in roof snow and ice removal

Working on a roof is particularly dangerous. An electric shock, a fall or even faintness are the risks incurred during this type of intervention. Entrusting the task to a specialized company like ours prevents you from taking any risks. Moreover, we have the necessary equipment to carry out operations in the best conditions.

In addition, our services are carried out with care and thoroughness to avoid (further) damage to the roof. We obviously make sure to work while protecting passers-by and tenants thanks to a well-designed security perimeter. Take advantage of professional know-how, contact us!

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In all cases, de-icing carried out on time and within the standards extends the life of your roof. Get a free quote by filling out the form on our website.

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