Installation of heating wire / cable for roofs in Laval

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It is common practice to install heating cables on the roofs of homes to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice. This device is widely used in areas where winters are particularly harsh, especially in Laval. Find out what the heating wire is for and how to install it.

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Role of the heating wire / cable

The heating cable is installed so that it forms a back and forth zigzag loop along the edge of a house’s roof and gutters. Its role is to heat and prevent snow and ice from accumulating on these areas of the roof to create an ice dam.

Ice dams that accumulate along roof edges or on gutters can cause significant damage to a home. This is because they can allow water to slowly seep inside the structure of the house, gradually damaging it.

The role of the heating cable is to ensure that snow and ice melt and are properly removed through the drainage system without the risk of accumulation and the appearance of ice dams.

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How to install a heating wire / cable?

If you plan to install your heating cable yourself, be aware that this is a dangerous task, as it is performed at height. The operation requires experience in the field.

This is why it is strongly recommended that you use qualified professionals. Here are the different steps for this installation.

Materials needed

Here is the minimum material required for the installation of a heating cable:

  • Quality heating cable (preferably approved and compliant with standards);
  • A ladder covering the height of your house;
  • A tape measure;
  • Roof clips.

Technicians usually use a harness to attach to an anchor point for added security.

Installation of the heating cable

The heating cable is installed in accordance with a very precise procedure. This must be arranged in the form of triangles placed one after the other, the base of which is about 45 cm and the sides, 60 cm. The clips will serve as an anchor that will secure the cable to the roof.

Regarding the length of the cable, the calculation is quite basic. First, measure the width of the roof where the device will be installed. This value is then multiplied by a factor of 4.2. The latter takes into account the triangle layout. Then, you have to add the length of the descent of the gutter. A certain margin is essential during the measurement: one or two meters, maximum.

As for the electrical connection, the heating cable must be installed on an independent electrical circuit equipped with a 15 A circuit breaker. It will be placed between the electrical inlet and a junction box located under the edge of the whole . A switch is also needed to control the operation of the cable from inside the house.

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Some useful tips

It is not recommended to leave the heating cable on continuously. Indeed, you will decrease its effectiveness and will also reduce its lifespan. In addition, this kind of device consumes electricity. You wouldn’t want to see your bill swell by leaving the system running all the time.

In order to optimize the use of the cable, it is advisable to turn it on when the temperature is between -9 and 2 ° C. If it’s too cold, you may speed up the freeze / thaw process of the water, which will increase the build-up of ice dams on your roof.

Finally, avoid installing a heating system on a metal roof. Indeed, this type of material constitutes an excellent conductor of heat, which risks causing overheating. This could cause more or less substantial damage to your home.

Call in the professionals for the installation of your heating cable

Nothing beats soliciting qualified professionals to install your heating cable. Indeed, you ensure the quality of the work and you do not risk having accidents from heights.

At Toiture Couvreur Laval, our team of technicians has the experience and know-how necessary to carry out an installation according to the standards and regulations in force. You can use your heating cable serenely as you wish.

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